Rocket Punch Radio Episode 11: That’s My Jam!


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In episode eleven the pilots do the impossible, think the unthinkable. We forget the risk and take the fall – if that’s what you want then it’s worth it all. We pierce the heavens with our drills and kick logic to the curb! We also apparently kick Nate to the curb. Sorry, bro. We ❤ you. srsly.

The time has come. After literally tens of hours, we must intervene for Nate’s safety. He has an addiction, and that addiction’s name is clicker games. We’re here for you, buddy. We can get through this together.

Don’t forget to check out Samantha and James’ Extra-Life drive. 100% of proceeds go directly to help a child in need at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. Every dollar helps.

Our Extra-Life 2015 team

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Featured music in this podcast is Magic Mountain (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 3.0


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