Rocket Punch Radio Episode 14: Chasing the Dragon*Con!


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Without Ruth, Jay, or Nate the remaining pilots get really sappy. Samantha and James share the mic to talk about their experiences at Dragon*Con 2015 and to sing the praises of the people they’ve encountered. Featured in the discussion are the lovely people of @Dragonconpodtrack as well as a whole host of writers and other wonderful folk. We also briefly got misty eyed over the games that got us into gaming, and mildly sniffly about trading beers.

Dragon*Con was an incredibly wonderful experience, and if you are in the nerd community it is very much worth your while to dip your toes in and meet the wonderful people you’ll find there. Several of us here at RPR have been to many conventions over many many years, and we can say that we’ve never really been to a convention that was open and friendly as D*Con.

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