Randomizers, New Saviors of Classic Gaming?

Back in 1987 I got a NES and I really loved the NES but the first game that really captured my attention was the Legend of Zelda. Since we only had a few games my mom would rent games from our local independent strip mall video store. (I don’t remember the name.) The Legend of Zelda was the first game I wanted to rent two times in a row, and my mom said “If you like it that much we’ll just buy it.” Thus starting an multi system obsession.

But we’ve all played the Original and the 2nd quest, so what’s left? There is a version of the original (NES) Legend of Zelda where people have randomized the items locations.  (As well as entirely new quests made this way.) How did no one tell me about this?

I’ve watched a couple videos of people playing this game and I got to say I need more roms of classic games altered. Anything that has item collection and exploration elements. This seems to me like the ultimate mix of nostalgia and surprises. So far I’ve found that there is a Zelda and a Super Metroid Randomizer.

It seems as those these were originally created to breath new life into games for speed runners and completionits, who needed a new challenge, you can actually find races between speed runners trying to finish the game, but not knowing which items you’ll get.

Sorry this is a short post but this is a warning to stay tuned for streaming of these on twitch as I am going to need to play these.


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