A Wild Amazon Giftcard Contest Appears!


Now is your chance to win a free Amazon gift card worth $20 from Rocket Punch Radio! The details are simple. Leave a review over on our iTunes page between December 1st and 31st and we will select a winner randomly on New Years Day.


Q: How do you know that it was me that left the review?
A: First, get out of our head. Creepy. Second, tweet us a screenshot of your review before you post it, using the hashtag #RocketPunchContest. Alternatively you can leave the screenshot as a comment in this post, or over on our Grown-Ass Geeks group on Facebook.

Q: How will you get a hold of me?
A: We will DM you in Twitter using the handle you used to post your screenshot.

Q: When will you draw your names?
A: I told you. January 1st. Try to keep up.

Q: How will I get the gift card?
A: We can arrange that over DM once you’ve been selected.

Q: You used to read iTunes reviews on the podcast. Will you do that again?
A: If they’re funny or especially complimentary, almost certainly!

Q: I hate iTunes and Apple. Why are you using them? Why can’t I review you on an Android app? What if I don’t want to download iTunes?
A: Fact is, iTunes is the biggest game in town. Even a lot of Android apps use iTunes’ aggregation for their list. The more reviews we have there, the bigger a potential audience we could have. And the bigger the potential audience, the more likely you’ll be able to geek out over RPR with your friends instead of being called a hipster weirdo for listening to that dorky podcast. Also, you’re only supposed to have one question per one of these, so I’m not answering that last one. Ok. I’ll answer it. If you don’t want to download iTunes that’s your prerogative, and we’ll probably hold a contest in the future for other podcast services. But right now its iTunes. If you want a chance at the card, it’s for iTunes reviews.


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