Games with Mileage

You might think by the title I’m talking about driving games today. Nope, (well okay there is one driving game…kind of.) I’m the kind of gamer who plays a small number of games. But once a game grabs my attention I play the game until found every secret, gotten all the endings/achievements, and mastered every maneuver. For this I love games with mileage. By games with mileage I mean games that you can get a lot of use/hours of fun out of.

My list features the added bonus of most of these are somewhat cheap (because I am also somewhat cheap). So you can entertain yourself without spending much (or maybe anything at all if your a steam card expert). So who makes the list? Here they are in order of hours I’ve put into them.


Whoops, sorry god.

Team Fortress 2
-Price: Free
-Playtime: 757 Hours
You probably know this one, if not the link will give you the highs and lows. It’s a first person shooter that decided realistic was a horrible idea and went instead with color and humor. The community and weapon swap outs kept this game fresh for years and while it’s numbers have flagged, it’s still a fun game to jump into and set your friends on fire. Pyro for Life!


K.spaz was asploded by K.spaz…whoops.

-Price: $14.99
-Playtime: 214 Hours
A slick heist game with several twists in the storyline. I won’t spoil anything. Choose between 8 criminals and steal everything that isn’t nailed down in Monaco. A top down pixeled game. This is a great advertisement for how far 8 bit graphics can be used. May take a while to figure out what all the symbols are and how the mechanics work but a fun and challenging single player game which turns into a riot when multiplayer is involved. A great game for jumping into games online or playing on the couch with friends.


Excuse me while I brag, all these are taken from my Steam account by the way.

They Bleed Pixels
-Price: $9.99
-Playtime: 106 Hours
My hat is off to anyone who can finish this game. In fact I’m impressed if you have the determination to finish the 3rd stage. The platformer and beat-em-up combo that boasts a difficulty just shy of Dark Souls. Yet They Bleed Pixels is not a sadist like other challenging games TBP is a tough martial arts master. Making you do insane tasks that will hone your abilities to perfection. The beautiful art and music add to the game and if you like the music in the trailer, you may want to pick up the soundtrack if you have a few bucks to spare.

torchlight 2

Find epic loot, use it to kill strange races you meet along the way.

Torchlight II
-Price: $19.99
-Playtime: 99 Hours
A Diablo clone with awesome graphics and great multiplayer modes. This games biggest flaw is that the story is not long enough. The additional maps you can buy (in game gold not real money) help, but really new game plus just doesn’t go far enough. Great art and a ton of unique weapons and armor (some of which have humorous descriptions).

Rogue Legacy

rogue legacy

This is only about halfway through the first run.

-Price: $14.99
-Playtime: 89 Hours
Take a family of knights through a castle crawling with enemies. Every time you die an offspring takes over. Upgrade your castle to get better abilities but the negative traits your offspring have really adds to the fun here. Plus the random-ness of the castle will keep you coming back. Can be frustrating to start, but your persistence will be rewarded here. Also completionist instincts can cause you trouble in this game sometimes there are rooms you should skip, and don’t pay to keep the castle locked unless you find something really awesome.

Rocket League


I got it! I got it!

-Price: $19.99
-Playtime: 66 Hours
I’ve reviewed Rocket League on here before but I can say here was a game I didn’t know I wanted and has been one of many surprise hits of the 2015 gaming scene. It’s a demolition derby mixed with soccer. The game is made far quick set-up and quick games. I have yet to play this local with friends. But is too much fun to stay away for long.



Hordes, hordes, and more hordes

-Price: $9.99
-Playtime: 56 Hours
I picked this game up cause I wanted a Gauntlet-esque game before the new Gauntlet came out. This game is simple to learn, nearly impossible to beat. You’ll have to find most of the secrets in the game to actually complete the quest. Hordes of monsters, lots of loot. And a simple but great upgrade system. The games Achilles’ heel is it’s horrible system for online multiplayer. Hard to set up a game with friends.

Keep in mind most of these games can be caught on a sale for way cheaper. I believe a spent under 5 dollars when buying Monaco and They Bleed Pixels. Well, hope this gives you a place to start. And just remember your mileage may vary.


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