Let me tell you about Lore…

I don’t mean lore, like the weird stories from the “old country” your friend’s creepy old great grandma told you against your wishes when you were a kid – I mean Lore, the supernatural, super thrilling podcast written and produced by Aaron Mahnke. Now that I think about it though, maybe it’s more like those creepy old stories than I thought…maybe Aaron Mahnke is secretly someone’s creepy old ethnic great granny?? (I’m on to you Mahnke…)

ANYWAYS… Lore is a by-weekly podcast that brings you real scary stories – and that’s real as adjective and a noun! Really though, each episode is a unique tale of people, places, or things with supernatural elements or goings-on. You’ll get the story first – each little horrifying bit delivered exceedingly well with lots of details to help you get a firm grasp on the topic at hand. Then you’ll get the breakdown, meaning the little (or surprisingly large) pieces of truth that hide in the core.

Mahnke covers a wide variety of topics to, so you’re sure to find something that appeals. From the classics like werewolves and the rambling undead, to more obscure fables of “others” living among us, to news stories that can’t quite get their stories straight – trust me, there is something for everyone.

My personal favorites, with a mini synopsis, include:

The Bloody Pit (Episode 2): A super tragic and frightening true story about a series of intense mining accidents that still linger to this day.

Dinner at the Afterglow (Episode 4): Imagine that awkward family dinner…for all eternity.

The Castle (Episode 8): H. H. Holms puts the hostile in hospitable.

Black Stockings (Episode 11): “You’ve changed” use to be a legitimate reason to torture your relatives, friends and neighbors.

Covered Mirrors (Episode 16): Real life stories about how it was way easier to be a serial killer back in the day.

Hunger Pains (Episode 18): Tales about the taboo of cannibalism and it’s place in mythology.

Bite Marks (Episode 19): A collection of stories about spirits and the marks they can leave on the physical world.

6792384200_a6e467b5f3.jpgThe scariest one (if you’re into that) I can think of off the top of my head, is Unboxed (Episode 15); that one tells you about a boy who’s attached to a doll that is more than a little attached to him. (I was going to put a creep doll photo in the end here for you guys, but … I got scared, OK?)

Right now, there’s 26 episodes with more being added every other week – and even though I’ve mentioned my favorites, they are definitely all worth a listen. Next time you’ve got some time to kill, put yourself in good company and hunker down with one of these chilling and thrilling tales of men and monsters. But, maybe leave the lights on…



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