Episode 24: Doin’ it on the table!

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In this, RPR’s final episode of Season 1, James, Samantha, and Nate chat about table top role playing games! We discuss what we are playing, and suggest a couple of games we really love. Samantha also reveals that she is over 100 years old, and James reveals that he is a wizard, maybe. Nate’s audio had some issues on this recording, so apologies in advance for any crackling that you may hear.

Titles talked about in this episode include:

Dungeon World
Powered by the Apocalypse
The Sprawl
The Fate System
Savage Worlds
The Kingdom

Also check out Friends at the Table for an actual play of a bunch of the games we talked about tonight. Also for some crazy good worldbuilding and stories. And then tweet all the feels to @thekebabylon because she really wants to talk to you about them!
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photo credit: Helping out with a special project at work- introducing people to diceware via photopin (license)


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