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Total Eklipse of My Heart

Eklipse 1Guys, guys – have you heard this band? This group of angles from the very heavens above? They have descended upon our mortal land to grace us with their amazing musical skills in these beautiful instrumental renditions of popular, if not famous songs. Think Lady Gaga meets Yann Tiersen with a dash of unicorn wishes and magic rainbow dust – or something. Anyways – I just happened to get really lucky and caught one of these lovely songs in my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist today, and I was simply blown away – I listened to both of their albums in their entirety and I’m just IN LOVE. They are so amazing, I knew I had to share them with you guys!

To get down to business, the band I was introduced to is a German string quartet called Eklipse. The band was founded in 2011, and it is comprised of 4 very talented young ladies: Helena, who plays the cello; Miss E, who plays first violin, followed by an additional violinist named Scarlett; and finally Viola, who plays, well, a viola. Surprisingly, I actually was not able to find as much information about them as I would usually like – however they do have a website that can be translated with the help of google, and then also a Facebook page. (Because who doesn’t have a Facebook page at this point, right?) If you’re more down for Twitter, you can find them here.

Eklipse 3What I did happen to find is a rather nice interview with Helena from 2013 that was enlightening as far as the early aspirations of the band and their feelings towards music in general. She comes across as super down to earth and you can tell she really loves her band. They seem to work really hard to stay genuine to themselves in the spotlight life, which I think we can all admire.

What I really like about their sound though is that they have such a range of emotions that come though in their music – there’s passion, and sorrow and inspiration. It literally takes my breath. Even with their covers of popular (?) songs – which they have a lot of – they make remake them into something completely new and fresh. Check out these for instance:

Rock the Casbah – I don’t really even like the original and I love this!

Assassin’s Creed – What?! I know, right? I’m not super familiar which the Eklipse 4original aside from what I’ve seen in commercials and YouTube, but I thought you guys might like it.

In The End – I know, I know. Everyone is tried of or kind of hates this song; however, this is probably the best remake of it I have ever heard, so at the very least it’s a testament to their skill, alright?

Clocks – This is just freakin’ beautiful, ok? Give it a go.

Finally, as a treat I pulled one my favorite songs from YouTube for you guys to check out right here if you have a moment; it is also a cover, but the original song is awesome and this remake does not disappoint. The song in question is Titanium from their album Electric Air – which personally I like better than A Night In Strings, but that one is still pretty good too. Also, A Night In Strings has a better cover photo, so it’s got that going for it. I hope you like it as much as I do!

*** Please note all photos are taken from the band’s Facebook page, and credit belongs to Eklipse ***